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Made for all the senses


From their inception thru the present, Stockert&Cie. continues to exploit clear and simple forms to find that "indescribable something" that stimulates, gratifies and keeps their jewellery recognizable. Stockert&Cie. maintains a subtle, satiny vision for creations that long to be touched.


The lines of Stockert & Cie's jewellery, whether asymmetrically slinky or in tender suspension, always feel and embrace you. Like wearing nothing and yet beautifully dressed in sensuous style.


Wearing the jewellery is the key to experiencing the mastery of the high quality workmanship that goes into these uniquely finished jewellery pieces of smooth gold, silky platinum bedazzled with the most precious of gemstones.

Stockert&Cie's jewellery
STOCKERT - more than a jewellery manufacturer

The obligation to progress

More than a jewellery manufacturer

In addition to clear-cut design, Stockert employs the most modern standards to fashion its products. Each piece of jewellery in their Collection is unique and carefully created with ultimate dedication by experienced goldsmiths and precious stone setters, handcraft at its highest form. Most precious materials Stockert&Cie. uses only first class materials from all over the world. Eighteen-karat gold or platinum is preferred in combination with precious stones in their natural tones, high quality pearls and selected diamonds.
Highest standard - made in Germany.

Inner attitudes take on unique forms

An ambitious company since 1879

Christian Stockert of Stockert & Cie. leads this business successfully into its fourth generation. This internationally savvy businessman is quite at home with his collection around the world. Inspite of this inherent cosmopolitan flair, down-to-earth virtues such as diligence, discipline, honesty and precision are highly evident at Stockert&Cie. This company stands tall in Pforzheim, Germany with its team of 18 hand-picked staff, each specially selected for their singularly skilled expertise.

Christian Stockert of Stockert & Cie.